Direct Eigen Control for Induction Machines and Synchronous Motors - Jean Claude Alacoque

Clear presentation of a new control process applied to induction machine (IM), surface mounted permanent magnet synchronous motor (SMPM-SM) and interior permanent magnet synchronous motor (IPM-SM)

Direct Eigen Control for Induction Machines and Synchronous Motors provides a clear and concise explanation of a new method in alternating current (AC) motor control. Unlike similar books on the market, it does not present various control algorithms for each type of AC motor but explains one method designed to control all AC motor types: Induction Machine (IM), Surface Mounted Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (SMPM-SM) (i.e. Brushless) and Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (IPM-SM). This totally new control method can be used not only for AC motor control but also to control input filter current and voltage of an inverter feeding an AC motor.

About the Author: Jean Claude Alacoque

Simulation of Induction Machines

Here you will find one simulation example of an induction machine control. It is a simulation of the motor operation and also of the motor control algorithms. The simulation program is written for the Matlab simulation powerful software. It prepares a real time implementation in C language for a microprocessor assembler compiler, but it is not a real time program.
It can be used in traction or braking operation, with pantograph jumps, with power input filter or not, with or without filter capacitor voltage stabilization, forward running or reverse motion, with physical variable limitations according to the process dimensioning and to the rated values.

    Simulation of Induction Machines